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How To Help A Senior Loved One Quit Smoking

Many older adults grew up with a different culture of smoking than is seen today. While they may understand that smoking is harmful, years of addiction may have made quitting feel impossible. The effects of tobacco have likely taken a toll on your loved one’s body. When you care about someone, you do not want [...]

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Best Movies & TV Shows for Dementia Patients

Are you a caregiver looking for positive movies and TV shows for your loved one with dementia? It can be harder than one may first assume. We are exposed to a massive amount of negative stories and images which can cause emotional distress to someone with dementia. Even the content in commercials or the news [...]

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5 Tips to Help Seniors Stay Active

Exercise is crucial for older adults. Physical activity can prevent disease, manage stress, ward off infection and boost mood. It is important for seniors to engage in physical activity that accounts for their physical limitations as well as their interests. The tips below will help caregivers, and older adults increase the chances of maintaining an [...]

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Seniors’ Unique Nutritional Needs

Seniors experience physiological changes that influence the type of nutrition they should receive. Caloric needs change for seniors as they have less energy expenditure. Seniors also begin to experience changes in kidney function and changes in the nervous system. They even experience perceptual changes that influence the ability to smell, hear and taste. Perceptual changes [...]

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How to Choose Healthy Foods at the Grocery Store

Have you ever noticed the first thing you see when you walk into the grocery store? We often see the produce aisle first and candy snacks at checkout. We're here to help you outsmart these marketing tactics so you can leave the store with heart-healthy items. These ten healthy items are staples for any grocery [...]

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Reduce Stress to Save Your Life

Stress triggers changes in your body. The body reacts to stress by releasing adrenaline, which causes breathing and heart rate to change. Stress can cause depression, anxiousness, tension, body aches, weight gain and sleep loss. Stress over long periods of time can even trigger a heart attack! Significant problems that come with stress, such as [...]

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February | American Heart Month

Each February, American Heart Month aims to increase awareness of our country’s top killer: heart disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. To prevent heart disease and increase awareness of its effects, Onyx Home Care is proudly participating in American Heart Month. Every year, 1 in 4 [...]

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5 Ways to Calm an Older Adult with Dementia

Caring for a loved one with dementia can feel overwhelming. Family members deal with the loss of the person they knew and the new reality of the disease, which causes agitation and cognitive impairment. These challenges can be heartbreaking. Learning how to handle the difficult behaviors associated with dementia give you the ability to spend [...]

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How You Can Deduct Your Medical Expenses | AARP

by Dena Bunis, AARP, January 12, 2018 The new federal tax law preserves the ability of millions of Americans with high medical expenses to deduct those costs from their returns. For the next two years, all taxpayers can write off health care spending that exceeds 7.5 percent of their income. The fate of this critical [...]

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New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Seniors

Making new year’s resolutions might seem like a fruitless activity to the elderly. However, it can be a motivating pursuit now that the holidays are over. The holidays often bring feelings of sadness and loneliness. Resolutions can be family or individual activity that helps seniors feel hopeful for the future. Tracking the progress of resolutions [...]

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