Grief and Loss While You’re A Caregiver

Anticipatory grief occurs often while caregiving. Many caregivers think they are experiencing depression when they are simply going through a natural grieving process during long-term care. Anticipatory grief begins before the person has died. When someone has a disease, injury or condition like Alzheimer’s that changes them permanently grief often sinks in because the person [...]

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Unusual UTI Symptoms in Older Adults

Urinary tract infections are not always evident to seniors or their family members. When Allison’s mother had a UTI, she was glassy-eyed, confused and had a low-grade fever. Allison and her sister thought these were symptoms associated with their mom’s chronic depression. It wasn’t until their mom mentioned pain during urination that they realized it [...]

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10 Ways to Help Seniors with Loss of Appetite

Seniors often experience a loss of appetite. It is natural to burn fewer calories as we age and see a decrease in appetite. However, it is essential that older adults do not fall into malnutrition. Caregivers might notice seniors increase hostility at mealtime for a variety of reasons. The older adult might have dental issues, [...]

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How To Help A Senior Loved One Quit Smoking

Many older adults grew up with a different culture of smoking than is seen today. While they may understand that smoking is harmful, years of addiction may have made quitting feel impossible. The effects of tobacco have likely taken a toll on your loved one’s body. When you care about someone, you do not want [...]

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5 Tips to Help Seniors Stay Active

Exercise is crucial for older adults. Physical activity can prevent disease, manage stress, ward off infection and boost mood. It is important for seniors to engage in physical activity that accounts for their physical limitations as well as their interests. The tips below will help caregivers, and older adults increase the chances of maintaining an [...]

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Seniors’ Unique Nutritional Needs

Seniors experience physiological changes that influence the type of nutrition they should receive. Caloric needs change for seniors as they have less energy expenditure. Seniors also begin to experience changes in kidney function and changes in the nervous system. They even experience perceptual changes that influence the ability to smell, hear and taste. Perceptual changes [...]

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