Hobby Gifts for Father’s Day

Hobbies are often lost later in life due to physical limitations and health issues. However, it is the best season of life to enjoy activities that create a sense of calm, happiness and fulfillment. Hobby gifts could be airplane model sets, painting tools for those with arthritis or gardening tools for those that can't bend [...]

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New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Seniors

Making new year’s resolutions might seem like a fruitless activity to the elderly. However, it can be a motivating pursuit now that the holidays are over. The holidays often bring feelings of sadness and loneliness. Resolutions can be family or individual activity that helps seniors feel hopeful for the future. Tracking the progress of resolutions [...]

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Holiday Health Tips for Seniors

Family gatherings can be a source of stress for people of all ages. The holidays can be especially stressful for the elderly, their close family and caregivers. A great way to ensure a [somewhat] peaceful holiday is to stay healthy. The tips below offer simple tips to avoid over exhaustion, the winter blues, and health [...]

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