Seniors often miss out on holiday activities due to depression, physical limitations, or disregard.

Older adults are sometimes overlooked during the holidays. They are left in a comfortable seat and passed over by the hustle and bustle of the house.

We recommend that family members take initiative and plan activities for older adults. Activities for older adults should consider physical limitations and health conditions. For example, elderly adults fatigue quicker than younger adults. Activities should allow seniors to take a break or even consider that they may need to lay down.

Below are simple ideas that engage older adults and help families enjoy one another’s company.



Simple crafts encourage reminiscing and remind everyone about the spirit of the holiday!

Grandparent and Grandchild Activities

Older adults, even those with dementia or Alzheimer’s, light up around grandchildren. Plan simple activities for grandparents to enjoy with grandbabies. Consider simple crafts, movies, or even watching the children play outside. Make sure there is always supervision. Do not put a senior in a scenario where they cannot manage a young child. Ensure the older adult does not feel overwhelmed.

Thankful Board

DIY from Rage Against The Minivan

DIY from Rage Against The Minivan

Bulletin boards remind us about things to be grateful for! Thankfulness exercises encourage family members to remember what’s important. Provide seniors with pre-cut paper and ask them to write something to be thankful for.

Even if an elderly loved-one has Alzheimer’s or dementia, there are still ways you can enjoy time together. Holidays are often a time when love-ones realize that older adults need help. Home care is a healthy compromise that offers younger family peace of mind and gives older adults the tools and medical care they need to thrive.

It is never too late to build positive memories or flourish.