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Each of our clients has a story to tell and no two stories are the same. We are driven by a heart for our work and for people. Every Onyx Home Care employee plays a role in families gaining peace of mind and patients receiving the highest level of home health care.  We believe our client testimonials tell stories of hope, peace, and kindness through dedicated service.

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“I needed an R.N.’s expertise to be my eyes.”

Susan S.

My name is Susan Shane.  My parents have been using the Onyx Home Care for several years now.  I am myself a R.N. and due to the numerous challenges my parents face after each having a stroke and one being diagnosed with dementia, I knew I needed an R.N. in addition to caregivers.   My parents desperately wanted to be able to stay in their house as long as possible .  In order for them to be able to maintain a safe and healthy routine, I enlisted some caregivers and Onyx Home Care as I needed an R.N.’s expertise to be my eyes.   My parents medication alone was complicated and it was important to assess their vital signs on a routine basis so we could avoid a major complication.  The nurses that have attended my parents have been professional, kind and have shown them great  compassion.  Their weekly visit includes filling their medication containers for the week, monitoring their vital signs, checking their mental and physical acuity, their weight and in addition the safety of their  surroundings.  For months I had attempted to get my parents to remove the scatter rugs they had all over their house, but to no avail. But when the nurse made the suggestion after one visit, the rugs were removed.  The nurses have accompanied them on doctor visits.  One nurse even took my Dad to Emergency Room and stayed and sat with my mother so she would not be alone until a family member arrived.    Although it looked as if my Dad may be experiencing another stroke or having some TIA’s, the nurse also thought he may have a urinary tract infection, which was the diagnoses.  My parents look forward to the nurse visit’s and consider her a friend.

Although my personal preference would have been to move my parents closer to a family member or place them in a more monitored facility, I had to respect their wishes to stay in their own home.  Would not have been possible without the Onyx Home Care!  The fact that the owner is also a registered nurse, gave me additional comfort and security!  She wasn’t just a business owner looking to make a buck!  I adore this agency and have great respect for the service they provide and the quality of the nurses they have sent.

“I trust their judgment and their care with no reservations.”

Kim S.

I’ve been partners with Colleen and Mike in the care of my father since they purchased the agency from Wallis.  I use the term “partner” as we truly work together as partners with his care.   I am located two hours away from my parents, so the distance coupled with the regular challenges of caregiving decisions can be stressful.  Colleen has worked with me through these challenges.  Most recently – during Hurricane Matthew – I had to put my parents in a local hotel to ensure their safety, then return home to evacuate my own family.  Colleen and those on her team ensured Dad received his insulin and medications each day, even driving to the hotel on the morning while the storm was in the area.  Her assurance to me that they were safe and Dad had his meds was invaluable.   It means so much to have Colleen, Mike and the great caregivers at Onyx helping to provide care to Dad and also to my mom when she needs it.   I trust their judgment and their care with no reservations.

“Choosing O.H.C. gives me peace of mind.”


Why Onyx Health Care?  The answer is simple my mom is my treasure and I want her to be happy.  I live thousands of miles from my mom. Choosing O.H.C. gives me peace of mind.  I know mom has caring people looking out for her best interest.  I can count on kind and compassionate aides to brighten her every day.  These aides never miss a day of work. They approach their assignment in a serious and professional manner. They arrive in an upbeat mood and display a warmth and gentleness towards mom.  They take initiative and make sure the household is running smoothly.  They make certain mom is bathed, mom loves getting her hair washed. They help mom decide what clothing combinations look best.  They prepare food that is nutritious and always solicit mom’s input about the meal. They engage mom in conversation and help keep her motivated and focused on taking daily walks and doing her physical therapy exercises.

It is reassuring to know the owner of O.H.C., Colleen McGrew, is diligent about maintaining top-notch service.  Colleen conducts unannounced regular spot checks to evaluate the aides work.  It is refreshing to hear how these aides speak so highly of Colleen and she of them.  This great team synergy helps O.H.C. deliver consistent high caliber service. I feel lucky to have them caring for mom.

“I firmly believe my recovery from back surgery was much quicker and less painful because of Rhona and Jess”

S. Spalding

I have been receiving home care through your company for the past two weeks. This has been the first time as a patient, however, I have been involved with other agencies by taking care of family members.

I have been extremely impressed, very happy, and have benefitted very well by the care from Rhonda (nurse) and Tess (Physical Therapist). They were both very professional, knowledgeable, well trained, experienced, and very caring. I believe my recovery from back surgery has been quicker, painless, healthier, and successful because of their care. We also enjoyed having them in our home and the time they spent with us.

I have dealt with other healthcare (home) providers as a caregiver to my parents, in-laws, and other family members. I believe Rhonda and Tess have been the best providers that I’ve interacted with. I was confident in their treatment and care. Wish I had them when I was taking care of my family members.

I do hope I will not have a need for home health care services but please know that I would want their services again and would recommend Onyx Home Care, Rhonda, and Tess to others in need.

“I feel blessed to have had Evan M. as my therapist.”

P. Potter

Hi, my name is Patrick. I recently had a total knee replacement. I have been receiving in house physical therapy.

I feel blessed to have had Evan M. as my therapist. Evan works for Onyx Home Care in New Smyrna Florida. Evan has an easy going nature that was comforting.

He has great knowledge and is motivating. Thanks Evan, for giving me a great head start on my recovery. Patrick P. New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

“They immediately put me at ease and it felt like they were friends coming to visit.”


Both Rick and Amy were wonderful. They immediately put me at ease and it felt like they were friends coming to visit.

Even though the exercises hurt a lot at first, Amy was very patient and encouraging.

She took the time to make sure I understood how to do the exercises correctly. Rick was so kind to me.

He removed my staples and it was very painful but he was so nice and didn’t make me feel bad for almost fainting (next time I’ll eat breakfast before). I would love to have them back when I have my other knee replaced.

“I finally felt like I could return home, without fear. “


First off, I live out of state and Onyx from the start has been exceptional. Their office is very responsive, and Tara the Private Care Nurse who did our initial assessment was so thorough and personal.

Then meeting the caregivers who are all background screened and Certified Nursing Assistants gave me such peace of mind that my father would be in good care. I finally felt like I could return home, without fear. They are on the expensive side, but the peace they have brought to both of our lives is worth every penny. Thank you Onyx Home Care!

“They have been professional and compassionate towards the services needed for my mother. “


I’m grateful and most certainly recommend Onyx Home Care. They have been professional and compassionate towards the services needed for my mother.

I am comfortable and have peace of mind in knowing my mother is not alone and cared for.

I have constant communication with the staff. I can’t thank them enough. Onyx Home Care is supportive of the patient and family.

“The agency is committed to assigning only well-qualified and experienced CNA caregivers in the home.”


Onyx worked closely with our family and scheduling needs to provide quality home care for our mom after hip surgery and rehab. The agency is committed to assigning only well-qualified and experienced CNA caregivers in the home.

My mom’s case manager, Tara, made every effort to identify and schedule caregivers who are well matched to our mom’s particular social and home care needs.

“She took a lot of time to answer our questions.”

E. Daris

Diane is terrific!

She took a lot of time to answer our questions.

She is a great asset.

“Great nurse!”

N. Glenn

Gina was amazing!

Great nurse and very accommodating.

“Very professional…” C.B.

Very Professional and thorough during the entire experience.

I would highly recommend Onyx Home Care.

“Compassionate and knowledgeable staff!”

Kim H.

I have never experienced such thoughtful, compassionate, and knowledgeable staff who truly cared!

“I could not ask for better service.”

Frank R.

Both my nurse, Diane, and physical therapist, Tess, were great!

Very helpful, very courteous, caring, and informative.

I could not ask for better service. Thank you!

“I really felt like they truly were concerned!”

Renee Y.

Rhonda and Charlie were very professional, patient, and friendly.

I really felt like they truly were concerned about my recovery & cared about me!



They are very professional!

“Extremely courteous!”


Your staff is extremely courteous and kind!

“Our PT was phenomenal!”


We didn’t require nursing care, but our PT (Amy J.) was phenomenal, caring, friendly, and very knowledgeable.



My nurse, Rhonda, and my therapist, Mike, were excellent!

“Great job taking care of me!”


Angelita was fantastic! She did a great job taking care of me!



My home health team was great! I recommend Onyx Home Care!

“Knowledgable, compassionate, and caring!”


Onyx Home Care has a very professional staff. They are knowledgable, compassionate, and caring. I am very pleased with my home care. Thank you!



Ruby my RN and Amy by physical therapist were great! Thank you!

“Courteous and kind!”


The Onyx Home Care staff is extremely courteous and kind!

“Respectful and very professional…”


The home care staff was very respectful and very professional. My time with them was very beneficial.

“Great experience!”


Great experience. Loved the staff and owner!

“Very attentive and interested in my well being.”


Miriam was excellent!! Very attentive and interested in my well being. Tess my P.T. was excellent as well! She was very informative and cared about my recovery.

“Everyone was so very nice and professional.”


I was not expecting home care so it was a great surprise. Everyone was so very nice and professional.

” …took her job of taking care of me very seriously”


Diane was wonderful, very helpful and took her job of taking care of me very seriously. She was always courteous and kind.

” We enjoy her visits. Very knowledgable.”


Miriam was a warm, caring, and personably wonderful kind person. We enjoy her visits. Very knowledgable. Great service!

“Rhonda was wonderful.”


Rhonda was wonderful. When my husband has his knee replaced we are going to ask for her.

” Outstanding and professional at all times. “


Experience was very good throughout. Rhonda was outstanding and professional at all times.

“Extremely professional.”


Tess and Diane were both extremely professional. Diane rearranged her schedule for me once when I had a problem. Tess gave crystal clear instructions and made therapy seem simple. They both always came exactly when they said they would.

“Very patient.”


Gary was very helpful and encouraging. Very patient.

“The best provider.”


Angelita made service optimum and excellent! She is the best provider, offers the best care, and had supreme confidence.

“The quality of caregivers has been excellent.”


We are very impressed with the service we have received. The quality of caregivers has been excellent. Our family is very happy with the service. Thank you!!

“Excellent, very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional!”


Diane was excellent, very knowledgeable, friendly and professional! Two thumbs up service! Thank you for choosing Diane for me! I loved the fact that she loves dogs and Ceaser really liked her! A+!

“Really helped me in my recovery.”


All the aides here help me but my morning aide, Erica has gone beyond her duties and has really helped me in my recovery.

“She does her job perfectly.”


Mrs. Diane is absolutely amazing. She does her job perfectly. Thank you, Diane.

“I had the best team!”


My nurse and therapist are the greatest! They were very helpful and caring! I had the best team!

“Awesome, knowledgable, and thorough.”


Angelita was awesome, very knowledgable and thorough. The team was personable and on time.



My caseworkers, Robin and Jess were excellent!

“They were inquisitive, compassionate, highly skilled, and incredibly kind.”


My 95 yo mother-in-law experienced a sudden decline in health. In addition to initiating hospice care, we chose to augment her care with a night time home health aide. Tara and her team (Maureen and Teresa) demonstrated the attributes that we all look for when choosing assistance. They were inquisitive, compassionate, highly skilled, and incredibly kind. When her health worsened, my m-i-l required continous care by hospice. We chose to continue the services of Onyx as well. Hospice support was inadequate, but Onyx continued to provide excellent quality of care. They communicated well and were willing to go above and beyond when asked. They are the best.

“This agency is all I had hoped for and more. The owner is a wonderful lady with excellent credentials.”


My Mom resides in the Daytona Beach area, and I live in Massachusetts. It’s been extremely difficult coordinating her care from long distance. We had an agency for a couple of years that was absolutely horrid! I  knew they were awful, but kept hoping they’d improve. Finally, we had enough and I happened upon Onyx. I can not express how thankful I am! This agency is all I had hoped for and more. The owner is a wonderful lady with excellent credentials. Unlike the last agency we had, she puts her caregivers through up-to-date training, and they are all so reliable and professional. When I call I’m treated with respect, so unlike the last agency. They were always unpleasant and hurried. They are nurses at Onyx, and their experience in the field certainly shows. Her aide has been outstanding and works extremely hard to help my mom. The last agency all the aides wanted was to be taken to a restaurant or watch television. I have been desperately hoping for a little help with my mom, and Onyx has provided more than a little, they are life savers!!!

“I would highly recommend Onyx Home Care and the caregivers. “


The team was amazing in my care. I had them for both knee replacements. I would highly recommend Onyx Home Care and the caregivers.

“She did a great job. “


Robin was very nice! She did a great job.



My nurses were excellent!

“The PT made my healing and therapy extremely amazing.”


My nurse and PT were excellent! I think the PT made my healing and therapy extremely amazing.

“They both did a fantastic job of listening to understand my individual situation.”


I want to sincerely thank Robins, my nurse, and Mike, my physical therapist for their sincere personal interest in my health and overall well-being, and my recovery from open heart surgery. They both did a fantastic job of listening to understand my individual situation to focus on what was needed for my recovery.

“OHC is responsible for my quick recovery.”


While being frightened after bypass surgery, the Onyx Home Care team provided high-quality care and is responsible for my quick recovery. Thank you all