Skilled Home Care

Our skilled home care team ensures even small changes in health and lifestyle are addressed.

Do you or a loved one have an upcoming surgery? Are you nervous about performing daily tasks or recovery from surgery? At Onyx Home Care, our skilled home care staff provides comprehensive, clinical home care services to Daytona Beach and surrounding areas. We utilize a system that involves the patient, physician, family and caregiver. Onyx Home Care nursing professionals strive to help each person involved with care feel comfortable and confident.

This inclusive system creates an atmosphere of security and quality patient care. Below are skilled home care services Onyx Home Care provides:

  • Blood sugar testing
  • Elder care management
  • Exercise management
  • High-tech nursing
  • Home infusion therapy
  • In-home injections
  • Medication setup, administration and oversight
  • Occupation, speech and physical therapy in the home
  • Tube, drain and/or bag maintenance
  • Vital signs
  • Wound care

Quality of Life & Skilled Care

As we age, our medical needs increase. Onyx Home Care’s skilled care ensures seniors receive the proper medical care they require from the safety and comfort of their home.

Skilled care gives seniors the assistance to maintain their existing lifestyle while receiving a high quality of medical assistance. Our nursing staff is a family’s eyes and ears. We provide an extra level of attentiveness, which allows our team to adapt services to the changing needs of patients.

Onyx Home Care’s additional level of medical support ensures patient needs are not overlooked, dismissed or ignored. We are our patients advocated to receive the highest standard of care.

Skilled home care gives older adults a sense of security and safety. Seniors may be more willing to tell a professional about a health concern than a family caregiver. Our goal is to create communication between: physician, patient & anyone involved with care.

Sensitivity & Skilled Care

Our skilled professionals have an acute awareness of patients’ changing needs. This allows seniors to maintain their independence with a sense of security. Nurses communicate with patient, family and physician as patient needs evolve. The security created by our nurses extends to each person involved with care.

It can be difficult for seniors to admit when help is necessary. A benefit of skilled care is their evaluation of patient needs. Our team can make suggestions and communicate with anyone involved with care to ensure patient needs are addressed. At Onyx Home Care our nursing professionals serve as a second opinion and advocate for seniors.

Signs Your Loved One Needs Skilled Home Care

  1. Difficulty Managing Medication
  2. Upcoming Hip Replacement Surgery Or Major Surgery
  3. Increasing And Changing Medical Needs
  4. Chronic Health Condition That Requires Monitoring
  5. Difficulty Recovering From Illness
  6. Use Medical Equipment, Such As An Oxygen Tank
  7. Missing Important Appointments
  8. Poor Diet Or Weight Loss
  9. Feel Forgetful, Confused Or Lost
  10. Sleep More Often Or Have Less Energy

The burden of identifying seniors’ needs initially depends on family members. The signs above can help you decide if involving skilled home health care professionals is the next step. Should you need fewer services than are mentioned above, we also provide companion care and personal care.

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