Personal Care

Assistance with daily activities ensures your loved one is able to thrive in a familiar and happy environment.

As we age, basic daily tasks become difficult to manage. If you or a loved one is struggling to perform necessary daily tasks, it may be time for home care. Onyx Home Care professionals provide personal in-home care that gives aging adults the assistance they need while encouraging independence. Our personal care services include but are not limited to: eating, bathing, dressing and personal hygiene. Personal care services give family members piece of mind that their elderly loved ones are receiving the help they need with daily life so they can flourish. Below are the personal care services Onyx Home Care provides:

  • Ambulation
  • Bath visits
  • Dressing and grooming
  • Feeding
  • Personal safety home evaluation
  • Outpatient pre and post-op assistance
  • Oral and personal hygiene
  • Reporting conditions and changes to supervisory RN and/or Physician
  • Toileting

Quality of Life & Personal Care

Personal care allows seniors to maintain their independence without sacrificing quality of life. The Onyx Home Care personal care team goes beyond services listed above and can even drive patients to and from regular doctors appointments. Home care helps seniors stay in the comfort of their home as long as possible while creating a safe and happy environment.

Happiness influences quality of life. Independence is sacrificed when seniors are admitted to senior living facilities and nursing homes. The stark change in environment can lead to depression and a feeling of abandonment in seniors.

Personal care allows seniors to stay in a familiar environment. Being home keeps seniors surrounded by memories and a feeling of security. This can positively influence overall health.

All of Onyx Home Care’s services from dementia & Alzheimer’s care to skilled home care have elements of personal care.

Sensitivity & Personal Care

The nature of personal care requires sensitivity and discernment. Onyx Home Care professionals are highly trained. Employee training and continual education creates an atmosphere of trust. The one-on-one attention that Onyx Home Care professionals provide ensures the unique needs of seniors are not dismissed or overlooked.

Onyx Home Care stands alone when it comes to the compassion involved in personal care. Things like incontinence are a daily reality for many seniors. It takes sensitivity to assist seniors with toileting needs. Whether it is assisting with mobility, transportation or other personal care service our team is highly compassionate.

Signs Your Loved One Needs Personal Care

  1. Spoiled Food That Doesn’t Get Thrown Away
  2. Missing Important Appointments
  3. Difficulty Getting Up From A Seated Position
  4. Unexplained Bruising
  5. Unpleasant Body Odor
  6. Infrequent Showering Or Bathing
  7. A Strong Smell Of Urine In The House
  8. Noticeable Decline In Grooming Habits And Personal Care
  9. Poor Diet Or Weight Loss
  10. Noticeable Decline In Tidiness Of Home

The burden of recognizing when a senior needs help often falls on family members. When a senior is having trouble performing regular tasks it is not necessarily an indication that they need assisted living or a nursing home. Many times, facilities do not allow seniors to thrive and one-on-one care is not available. Home care allows seniors to maintain their sense of freedom, receive one-on-one care, gives family members peace of mind and is often a more affordable option.

Nursing Supervision of Personal Care

A registered nurse supervises all Onyx Home Care professionals involved with personal care. Our supervision process ensures seniors receive the highest level of home care and attention. Our home evaluations and continual assessment of needs promises families that their loved will be assisted in the event their level of care needs to be increased.

Onyx Home Care also provides additional security for families should patient needs rise. Visit our Skilled Home Care page to learn more about our skilled professionals and the additional service we provide.

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