Companion Care

No one should walk alone. Our companion care team ensures your aging loved one receives one-on-one care.

Companion care is a part of all Onyx Home Care services. Our professionals understand that home care is personal. We adapt our care to the needs of our patients. Whether we are driving patients to and from doctor’s appointments in Central Florida or providing other services, we connect with our patients on a personal level to create an environment of healing.

  • In-home support
  • Helping with laundry
  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal planning and cooking – not including cost of groceries
  • Help with shopping and errands
  • Adult and Senior transportation to and from doctor

Quality of Life & Companion Care

Companion care helps seniors on an individual level. The unique needs of seniors are often overlooked at assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Our companion care allows seniors to feel engaged socially, attended activities that require transportation and remain in their home.

Onyx Home Care’s companion care professionals also provide assistance around the house that keeps seniors in a healthy living environment.

Our team evaluates home safety and can make suggestions as the needs of older adults increase. Onyx Home Care professionals are an extra set of eyes and ears for families concerned about their aging loved one’s needs and quality of life. We provide resources and freedom for older adults.

Sensitivity & Companion Care

A nurse supervises all Onyx Home Care professionals. Our system of home evaluation creates an environment of trust. It also ensures that if or when a senior needs additional care it is easily provided.

It can be difficult for seniors to admit when help is necessary. The bond between companion care professionals and seniors allows the increase in assistance to be added with ease. At Onyx Home Care, we understand that independence is key. Thus, all of our services are built around providing seniors with the security the need to flourish as they age.

Sensitivity is a key function of home care. Our professionals are trained to provide support for family members and older adults during a difficult life transition.

Signs Your Loved One Needs Companion Care

  1. Noticeable Decline In Tidiness Of Home
  2. Scratches Or Dents On Vehicles
  3. Missing Important Appointments
  4. Stacks Of Unopened Mail Or An Overflowing Mailbox
  5. Poor Diet Or Weight Loss
  6. Spoiled Food That Doesn’t Get Thrown Away
  7. Loss Of Interest In Hobbies And Activities
  8. Late Payment Notices, Bounced Checks And Calls From Bill Collectors
  9. Dirty Laundry Piling Up
  10. Noticeable Decline In Grooming Habits And Personal Care

The burden of recognizing when a senior needs help often falls on family members. When a senior is having trouble performing regular tasks it is not necessarily an indication that they need assisted living or a nursing home. Many times, facilities do not allow seniors to thrive and one-on-one care is not available. Home care allows seniors to maintain their sense of freedom, receive one-on-one care, gives family members peace of mind and is often a more affordable option.

Companion care is a simple way to transition older adults into a system that allows them stay in their home while receiving assistance. We also provided skilled nursing service.

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