Our Story

Colleen and Michael McGrew purchased The Wallis Agency in 2015 and renamed the business Onyx Home Care in 2016. Colleen, a registered nurse, is continuing the legacy of RN ownership that began with Mary Wallis in 1967. The company has been owned and operated locally by a Registered Nurse for almost 50 years.

After careful consideration, Colleen felt a name change would better reflect the new spirit of the business. Onyx Home Care was chosen based off the use of the onyx stone in ancient healing practices. The onyx stone was meant to aid in the balance of body, mind and spirit. This reflects Colleen’s heart for Onyx Home Care, to see the quality of life, health and independence of each patient improve exponentially. The Onyx Home Care team provides care to patients in a nurturing and trusting environment in Central Florida.

Colleen is a third generation RN owner and is bringing a renewed sense of accountability to home health care. She has a bachelors of science in nursing from Western Connecticut State University. Working as an RN for over 26 years has given her many roles such as: staff, charge, emergency room, and telephone triage nurse. Colleen’s experience in patient care has given her a unique perspective on the needs of patients and their family members. She brings this knowledge into her knew position as owner of Onyx Home Care.

The McGrews love Daytona Beach. Colleen hosts a women’s group once a week that has nearly outgrown their meeting space and Michael has been a part of numerous local activities through his previous position as a plant manager. Colleen and Michael are continually looking for ways to serve their area. Onyx Home Care is a way for The McGrews to use their professional experiences to help their community.

Colleen and her team are excited to continue providing quality, affordable home health care to seniors in the Volusia and Flagler counties.

As a nurse, we have the opportunity to heal the heart, mind, soul and body of our patients, their families and ourselves. They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

What To Expect From Nurse Directed Home Care


Individualized Home Care

Nurses know the importance of patient tailored care. Colleen and her team create plans that are tailored to the health needs of each patient as well as their personal preferences.

Special Attention To Changes in Patient Health

Unlike regular caregivers, skilled professionals are trained to spot even subtle changes in health. This creates an element of security for patients and their family members.

Skilled Evaluation of Needs

Nurses and skilled professionals are better able to assess home safety, medication management, progression of symptoms and other key elements of care.

Coordinate Care with Family & Physicians

Skilled professionals, like nurses, understand coordinated care. They keep family, patient, physicians and caregivers on the same page.

Whether your parent’s needs are becoming more complicated or you need in-home assistance, Onyx Home Care creates unique home health programs to meet each patient’s needs. We provide comprehensive home health care to the surrounding areas of Daytona Beach so no one has to walk alone.

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My name is Susan Shane.  My parents have been using the Onyx Home Care for several years now.  I am myself a R.N. and due to the numerous challenges my parents face after each having a stroke and one being diagnosed with dementia, I knew I needed an R.N. in addition to caregivers.   My parents desperately wanted to be able to stay in their house as long as possible .  In order for them to be able to maintain a safe and healthy routine, I enlisted some caregivers and Onyx Home Care as I needed an R.N.’s expertise to be my eyes.   My parents medication alone was complicated and it was important to assess their vital signs on a routine basis so we could avoid a major complication.  The nurses that have attended my parents have been professional, kind and have shown them great  compassion.  Their weekly visit includes filling their medication containers for the week, monitoring their vital signs, checking their mental and physical acuity, their weight and in addition the safety of their  surroundings.  For months I had attempted to get my parents to remove the scatter rugs they had all over their house, but to no avail. But when the nurse made the suggestion after one visit, the rugs were removed.  The nurses have accompanied them on doctor visits.  One nurse even took my Dad to Emergency Room and stayed and sat with my mother so she would not be alone until a family member arrived.    Although it looked as if my Dad may be experiencing another stroke or having some TIA’s, the nurse also thought he may have a urinary tract infection, which was the diagnoses.  My parents look forward to the nurse visit’s and consider her a friend.

Although my personal preference would have been to move my parents closer to a family member or place them in a more monitored facility, I had to respect their wishes to stay in their own home.  Would not have been possible without the Onyx Home Care!  The fact that the owner is also a registered nurse, gave me additional comfort and security!  She wasn’t just a business owner looking to make a buck!  I adore this agency and have great respect for the service they provide and the quality of the nurses they have sent.

S. Shane