Are you visiting a senior loved one over Christmas and New Year’s Eve?

From complicated family dynamics to your loved one’s health issues, visiting a senior loved one can be stressful. We put together ten things to remember when visiting an elderly loved one during the holiday season.

  1. Depression is common during the holidays
  2. Do things they enjoy
  3. Plan quiet time
  4. Save time for yourself
  5. Discreetly check on their wellbeing
  6. Have meaningful conversations about the future
  7. Spend an afternoon doing a home safety check
  8. Spend time reminiscing and look over old photos/videos
  9. Call, or video chat with other out of town loved ones
  10. Give functional gifts that will make the senior’s life more comfortable or happier

Make the most out of your visit with family. Give yourself and your loved one grace during difficult conversations or moments. The holidays bring up memories of past loved ones and can make seniors feel alone. Being intentional in your interactions and schedule can help you and your loved one get the most from your time together.