Exercise is crucial for older adults.

Physical activity can prevent disease, manage stress, ward off infection and boost mood. It is important for seniors to engage in physical activity that accounts for their physical limitations as well as their interests. The tips below will help caregivers, and older adults increase the chances of maintaining an active lifestyle.

Make It A Priority

Routine is important for older adults. Include exercise during a time of day that your loved-one has energy to increase their likelihood of follow-through.

Make It Easy

Planned exercises should account for older adult’s age and physical limitations. If your loved-one sees a physical or occupational therapist, consider asking these professionals for suggestions.

Make It Safe

It is important to protect older adults from sunburn, heat exhaustion, frostbite, and dehydration. Caregivers and seniors should dress appropriately for outdoor activity and consider indoor activities when the weather is poor.

Make It Social

Caregivers can exercise with older adults for encouragement or take their loved-one to senior center activities. Ask family members to consider spending time with their aging loved-one by walking, biking or swimming together.

Make It Fun

Introduce seniors to music or podcasts they can listen to while working out. The goal is for older adults to increase their mobility, independence, and overall health. Music can enhance motivation. Keep activities exciting and don’t be afraid to try new things.

These tips will help older adults make physical activity a habit. If you notice a decline in physical activity in yourself or an elder loved-one, it may be time for home care.

Home care may be the boost your loved one needs to maintain an active lifestyle. Our home health professionals provide everything from skilled nursing care to assistance with everyday activities such as dressing.