Over time you may notice yourself or a loved one become less active in later years.

Getting out of the house is an important part of mental and physical health. The temptation for seniors to sit and watch television grows as their mobility decreases with age. We recommend that caregivers, family members, and friends encourage older adults to explore their own town!

Older adults on a fixed income may be concerned about spending money to enjoy activities away from home. The great news is that many museums and local gathering places have free events each month!

Below is a list of activities in our area to inspire your next local adventure.

Visit Historical Sites

Explore a New Museum Exhibit

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Free Activities

All of the activities above link to more information for your convenience. Next time you decide to be a tourist in your own town, we recommend planning ahead. Call first to make sure the activity is senior friendly and make sure you have good directions.

Always practice sun safety when doing outdoor activities. Older adults can be high risk for dehydration or overheating.