Home care is supportive health care provided in the home. Onyx Home Care’s licensed employees are healthcare professionals such as nurses, physical therapists, CNAs, and more who provide medical treatment needs as well as professional caregivers who provide daily assistance to ensure the activities of daily living are met. Onyx Home Care offers specific in-home personal care, companion care, skilled nursing care, and Alzheimer’s/Dementia care.

Onyx Home Care bypasses major issues associated with assisted living memory care facilities by offering individualized nursing care, personal care, and allows for support to adapt as the needs of the patient and family inevitably grow. We have a team dedicated directly to you and your family, something no facility offers. Our goal is to address your love one’s quality of life in their remaining days while helping family and caregivers achieve greater life balance.

Benefits of Onyx Home Care for Alzheimer’s or Dementia patients:

  • 24/HR nurse response
  • Adapt to changing Alzheimer’s & Dementia medical needs
  • Individualized nursing care
  • Transportation to doctor’s appointments
  • Personal care such as washing, dressing, feeding, oral hygiene, toileting, and more, no matter the level of assistance needed.
  • Assistance with laundry, light housekeeping, meal planning/shopping, errands and more.
  • Communication with family, doctors, and caregivers to create a plan that supports the entire family.
  • Greater level of happiness as aging adults get to stay in their own home.
  • Potential to increase or decrease these services as needed as they are tailored to caregiver and patient.
  • We’re here with solutions no matter what life throws at you.

Onyx Home Care’s neurological disorder care is built around a system of support. This service includes skilled home care as well as a unique program that centers on the patient’s interests and stage of illness. Our goal is to see happy family members, patients and caregivers. Often times, caregivers feel remote. Our team includes each person in the home care process to provide inclusive care that helps the patient thrive.

We understand that as neurological illnesses progress, daily routines become more important. As our plan adapts to the patients changing needs we continue to provide patients with an anchors such as: reading the paper in the morning, grocery shopping, and more. In addition to anchors that promote recall, we also provide skilled nursing care based on patient needs.

Most memory care assisted living facilities only have one nurse on staff that is intended to serve every single memory care resident. The risk and concern is that as Alzheimer’s or Dementia progresses, medical needs are missed by the single individual strapped to be serve many at memory care facilities. What is missing from most memory care pricing plans are hidden costs and the level of care each resident actually receives. Home care bypasses these risks by offering care that is tailored to the patients needs and family concerns, without hidden costs for greater care.

What we know is that eventually Alzheimer’s and dementia patients need greater personal care and medical care that memory facilities cannot provide. A few things happen at memory facilities as needs progress, either the patient is neglected, monthly costs skyrocket, or the patient has to be moved into a different situation which can be very emotionally/financially difficult. Changing needs come with a larger price tag that is not evident when you sign up for a memory care facility.

Home care offers robust nursing and family support without hidden fees or stress.