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Onyx Home Care is led by CEO & RN, Colleen McGrew. Our desire at Onyx Home Care is to provide quality care to our patients in a nurturing and trusting environment. Our goal is to see the quality of life, health and independence level of each patient improve exponentially.

Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas for Seniors

Celebrate the small things! Holidays are a wonderful reason to gather the family and grandkids. While most seniors have acquired a lot of stuff over the years, there are still meaningful ways you can celebrate holidays like Mother's Day without giving knick knacks. We encourage families to give practical gifts that seniors can enjoy on [...]

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Myths and Facts About Allergy Remedies

If you grew up in the south, your Grandma might have told you that local honey was a way to combat allergies. While there is nothing wrong with many natural tips, including sweetening your tea with honey, we recommend looking to the experts for sure-fire ways to stop the sniffles. Facts for Fighting Allergies: Nasal [...]

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Knee Replacement Recovery Tips

If you have been experiencing knee pain walking, climbing stairs, or trying to stand, chances are you are eager for an upcoming knee replacement! We don't blame you. Immobility can make seniors feel depressed, frustrated, and limited in their personal own care. Unfortunately, recovery can be as frustrating as the pain leading up to surgery. Many patients [...]

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Easter Activities for Seniors & Conversation Starters

Every holiday is a great opportunity for bonding, taking photos, and recording stories from elderly family members. We put together a list of five things you can do with seniors in order to bond and spark conversation. Dye Easter Eggs Conversation starter: What is your favorite Easter memory? Conversation starter: Did you dye Easter eggs as a [...]

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6 Books Every Alzheimer’s Caregiver Should Read

There is no easy transition to becoming a caregiver. Alzheimer’s comes with tough changes for patient, caregiver, and family. We recommend arming yourself with tools in order to give yourself support, knowledge, and tools to move forward. Knowing helpful techniques can prevent potential meltdowns, frustrations, and stress. We put together a list of six books [...]

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10 Spring Activities in Central Florida

Our last blog post shared twenty things to do with seniors to celebrate spring! Today, we're sharing things you and your family can enjoy right here in Central Florida. For caregivers or family members taking seniors or the disabled to any event, we recommend planning ahead. As we shared in our last blog post, planning [...]

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4 Tips to Enhance Daily Life for Alzheimer’s Patients

Currently, there are over 5.7 million Americans diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Memory loss and behavioral changes are challenging for the patients and their family. Managing personality and behavioral changes are critical for creating a peaceful environment. Alzheimer’s experience sadness, fear, stress, confusion, anxiety, in addition to side effects of new medications. The tips below help caregivers [...]

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Five Tips for Living with Arthritis

The CDC reports that 23% of all adults, over 54 million people, have arthritis. One in four living with arthritis live with severe joint pain. Arthritis limits many people from working to their best ability, enjoy hobbies, and even performing regular tasks. Nearly 26% of women and 18% of men live with arthritis. Those struggling [...]

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Hip Surgery Dos & Don’ts

There are more than 300,000 hip surgeries each year. Preparation can help set up patients for a successful recovery! Following instructions and protocols will be important after being discharged from the hospital. Patients are usually discharged once they can get out of bed, can walk a short distance, have increased mobility, and have pain under [...]

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How to Support Seniors in 2019

The changes that come with aging require flexibility openness to change, and acceptance of a new way of life. Change is difficult. We encourage families and seniors to take a non-judgmental approach to the natural changes our bodies go through. It is essential that the activities of daily living are met efficiently and safely. Our [...]

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