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Onyx Home Care is led by CEO & RN, Colleen McGrew. Our desire at Onyx Home Care is to provide quality care to our patients in a nurturing and trusting environment. Our goal is to see the quality of life, health and independence level of each patient improve exponentially.

Happiness in Later Years

Many seniors feel like their best years are behind them. However, thriving in later years is possible! A study by University College in London revealed, "that happy seniors had less trouble getting up, dressing, or taking a shower, as opposed to unhappy seniors who were twice as likely to develop diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and [...]

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Is It OK to Skip Your Annual Physical?

AARP RE-BLOG Many experts say you can chuck the checkup — but not certain key screenings by Hallie Levine, AARP, October 25, 2018  About one-fifth of U.S. adults get an annual physical. But increasingly, research suggests that it's not necessarily a critical appointment to keep. “A number of randomized controlled trials now show that these yearly [...]

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Why The Elderly Are More Affected By The Heat

According to the Mayo Clinic, as we age our thirst senses become less acute and our body's fluid reserve becomes smaller. These issues are then compounded by diabetes, dementia, and certain medications. From 1999-2009, roughly 40 percent of all heat-related deaths in the U.S. were adults over 65 years old. It is critical for caregivers [...]

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Summer Activities for Seniors

Beat the heat and stay active this summer with our short list of simple indoor and outdoor activities. Reconnecting with hobbies and creating new routines are sure ways to increase overall health and happiness. It is easy for seniors to get into a rut and stay indoors. Take advantage of cool mornings, free local activities, [...]

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5 Tips For Recovery From Rotator Cuff Surgery

When the muscles or tendons around your rotator cuff become torn, your doctor may recommend rotator cuff surgery to repair the damage. Orthoinfo.aaos.org shared signs that surgery may be a good option: Your symptoms have lasted 6 to 12 months You have a large tear (more than 3 cm) and the quality of the surrounding [...]

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Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas for Seniors

Celebrate the small things! Holidays are a wonderful reason to gather the family and grandkids. While most seniors have acquired a lot of stuff over the years, there are still meaningful ways you can celebrate holidays like Mother's Day without giving knick knacks. We encourage families to give practical gifts that seniors can enjoy on [...]

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Myths and Facts About Allergy Remedies

If you grew up in the south, your Grandma might have told you that local honey was a way to combat allergies. While there is nothing wrong with many natural tips, including sweetening your tea with honey, we recommend looking to the experts for sure-fire ways to stop the sniffles. Facts for Fighting Allergies: Nasal [...]

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Knee Replacement Recovery Tips

If you have been experiencing knee pain walking, climbing stairs, or trying to stand, chances are you are eager for an upcoming knee replacement! We don't blame you. Immobility can make seniors feel depressed, frustrated, and limited in their personal own care. Unfortunately, recovery can be as frustrating as the pain leading up to surgery. Many patients [...]

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Easter Activities for Seniors & Conversation Starters

Every holiday is a great opportunity for bonding, taking photos, and recording stories from elderly family members. We put together a list of five things you can do with seniors in order to bond and spark conversation. Dye Easter Eggs Conversation starter: What is your favorite Easter memory? Conversation starter: Did you dye Easter eggs as a [...]

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