Many seniors feel like their best years are behind them. However, thriving in later years is possible!

A study by University College in London revealed, “that happy seniors had less trouble getting up, dressing, or taking a shower, as opposed to unhappy seniors who were twice as likely to develop diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and strokes.” The study determined that overall happiness influences mobility in later years. This means while disability can lead to depression, depression can also lead to disability! Leaning into happiness and taking steps to maintain overall mental health will impact seniors’ ability to flourish.

We searched for advice from the experts on simple ways seniors can stay engaged, happy, and feel a sense of purpose. Here are ten things they recommend:

  1. Exercise
  2. Eat Well
  3. Plan for Retirement
  4. Stay Connected & Have Purpose
  5. Spend Time with Others
  6. Join a Support Group in Times of Change
  7. Stay Up To Date with Social Media, Music, and More
  8. Take Care of Your Appearance
  9. Keep Learning New Things
  10. Laugh A Lot

It is never too late to jump start happiness. A Gallup poll conducted in 2011 showed that seniors who spent at least an hour daily being social were happier, enjoyed life, and were less likely to be stressed out or worried.

Plan a lunch date with a friend, take a walk with a loved one, or reach out to a professional for emotional support. Start today! Some of these activities might feel out of your comfort zone, but happiness is worth temporary discomfort. If you aren’t sure how to stay up to date with the latest tech, ask a child, grandchild, or caregiver! Getting help with new technology is a great way to bond and learn new skills that keep you in the social loop.

Lean into new activities and stay active. The best is yet to come!