You don’t need resolutions to plan a successful year. Thriving can be as simple as creating a well-balanced lifestyle the incorporates activities to stimulate physical and mental health. 

The ten activities below help seniors schedule out activities to stay active and social. If you are a type-a, we encourage you to whip out the calendar and craft a schedule that incorporates all ten items regularly.

  1. Stay on top of doctor’s visits
  2. Get teeth cleanings
  3. Stick to a simple exercise schedule
  4. Choose heart-healthy meals
  5. Do regular home-safety checks to prevent injuries
  6. Socialize with friends and family regularly
  7. Enjoy hobbies
  8. Spend time outdoors
  9. Organize old photos 
  10. Donate unused items

Achy bones and other limitations can make it easy to get stuck on the couch, sometimes literally. Engaging physical and mental health activities largely contributes to a senior’s happiness in later years. By staying on top of doctor visits and maintaining an active lifestyle, you create an environment where you can thrive, connect with others, and live life to the fullest! If your health is keeping you from living the life you want, it may be time for home care. Home care assists seniors practically and medically so they can live the life they want!