Social distancing is making it tough to celebrate special moments with loved ones.

We are encouraging families to stay socially distant but emotionally close! In this spirit, we have put together ideas for celebrating Easter while we remain in our separate homes. 

  1. Live stream your Easter egg hunt
  2. Work on creating Easter baskets while video chatting with a senior loved one.
  3. Video chat with a senior loved one and ask them about their favorite Easter memory.
  4. Take a family Easter photo in your backyard and send it to senior loved ones by text or mail.
  5. Video chat while preparing an Easter meal together.
  6. Video chat while dying eggs together
  7. Video chat with a senior loved one and show them their grandkids doing Easter crafts.
  8. Video chat while doing a board game together.
  9. Chat on the phone and only ask your loved one questions about themselves so you can try to learn more about them. You might learn something new about them!
  10. Video chat while baking cookies.

Technology and intention are the recipes for strong quarantine communication! Set aside time each day to jump on the phone and spend quality time with a loved one. Our mental health is just as important as our physical health. 

Staying emotionally healthy while we social distance will help seniors (and everyone) keep our eye on the prize, the day we can hug again!