Are you searching for ways to include a senior loved one in holiday activities?

We’ve put together a list of ideas to help aging loved ones feel included, especially if you are all under the same roof!

  1. Create family costumes from household items.
  2. Decorate the porch for trick-or-treaters. Consider putting a bowl of candy on the porch and simply greeting trick-or-treaters.
  3. Video chat with grandkids or family members to see them dressed up in costumes.
  4. Tell ghost stories while making hot chocolate or Halloween-themed treats.
  5. Plan an outdoor “ghost hunt.” Think Easter Egg hunt but on Halloween with close family members.
    1. An outdoor activity makes it easier for social distancing for immune-compromised loved ones.
  6. Video Chat and tell ghost stories with grandkids.
  7. Watch classic movies.
  8. Go to a drive-in movie theater.
  9. Decorate Halloween-themed cookies.
  10. Decorate the front yard.

Community is a key part of mental health at every age! If you do not have grandbabies or great-grandbabies to include in holiday activities, don’t be afraid to start new traditions. Whether you watch old movies or go to a local event, it’s never too late to enjoy holidays – even small ones.



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