Celebrate the small things!

Holidays are a wonderful reason to gather the family and grandkids. While most seniors have acquired a lot of stuff over the years, there are still meaningful ways you can celebrate holidays like Mother’s Day without giving knick knacks.

We encourage families to give practical gifts that seniors can enjoy on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The most special gift you can give is your time. When you give a gift card, saying you’ll go out to eat or enjoy a movie together and set a date they can look forward to. Another great idea is to get items that will help them continue to enjoy hobbies given new limitations. There are many tools you can get that help those with arthritis: garden, paint, build model cars, and more!

Ten Mother’s Day Gifts for Seniors

  1. E-reader loaded with books or audio books
  2. Subscription to a movie streaming app
  3. Adaptive tools for hobbies
  4. Gift cards to favorite restaurants
  5. Movie theater gift card
  6. Weekly/monthly family game or activity nights
  7.  Digitize old photos to preserve memories
  8. Create a family photo album
  9. Social media tutoring to connect with family and friends online
  10. Freezer meals that are easy to heat up

Remember, family activities and quality time go a long way! Even if you live far away, a hand written note and phone call are meaningful.

People remember how you make them feel! Create an environment or moment that fills everyone one with peace, love, and happiness. While peace, love, and happiness might sound like a cliche to a caregiver of a dementia or Alzheimer’s patient, it’s possible! If you are planning a gathering and hoping to include a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s try these tips.

During your family gathering, if you notice an elderly loved one is struggling with hygiene, keeping up with the house, or neglecting medications it may be time for home care. Use our tips for difficult family conversations if you feel it’s time to confront a loved one about needing home care or long-term care.

We hope that Mother’s Day weekend brings you and your family closer together.