We don’t have orange and red leaves falling in Florida, but we are blessed with some of the best weather year-round!

Many of the seniors we serve grew up in colder states and miss the changing colors. We want to encourage you to bring fall to Florida this year! Here are ten activities you can do to make the most of the season:

  1. Decorate The Front Porch
  2. Carve or Paint Pumpkins
  3. Bake or Cook Fall Favorites
  4. Decorate The Living Room
  5. Plant Seasonal Bulbs
  6. Create Your Own Pumpkin Patch
  7. Participate In Local Outdoor Fall Activities (follow Covid-19 Saftey practices)
  8. Go Pumpkin Picking
  9. Enjoy Fall Themed Crafts
  10. Watch Seasonal Movies

Bring the smells and colors of fall to an aging loved one’s home. Seasonal activities can spark memories, create joy, and keep idle hands busy. Aging can feel scary or frustrating, but fun activities can help seniors feel excited about the future. 

Offer your aging loved one choice in their seasonal activities and crafts, so they feel engaged and part of the process. Seniors can feel frustrated and even overlooked when they aren’t offered options. You will likely have a happier and better experience if your loved one feels in control or appreciated.

If you are struggling with an aging loved one’s needs, it may be time for home care. Home care restores life-balance that is lost when a loved one’s needs outgrow a family caregiver’s capabilities. You don’t have to walk alone.