Caregivers of aging parents quickly realize when one parent’s needs start to increase. Life balance for the entire group begins to get out of whack. The differences in care and support can cause family caregivers to burn out.

For many families, choosing between assisted living, nursing homes, and memory care is daunting. Thankfully, there is a third option, home care!

Home care offers personal care and medical support to families that can be increased or decreased at any time. Most importantly, home care prevents aging couples from being separated during a time in life when relationships are critical and keeps seniors in a familiar environment.

Covid-19 Concerns

Some families feel the only option when one parent’s needs increase is a nursing home or memory care facility. With Covid-19 spreading rapidly in nursing homes and assisted living, this can seem like a scary prospect. Home care offers needed relief and nurse guided support while allowing seniors to remain in their own homes’ comfort, privacy, and safety.

Keeping Parents Together 

Loving relationships are what life is all about. Separating couples can be traumatic, and the stress of separation can cause other health or mental health issues. When one partner needs additional care, home care allows families to customize the level of care, both medical and practical, at any time without separating loved ones.

Autonomy Matters

Even with dementia or Alzheimer’s, the elderly have the right to live life on their terms. They cannot be separated and moved around like puzzle pieces. Home care offers medical support, personal care services, and more so seniors can continue living life from their home.

Choose home care and help aging loved one thrive in later years.