It can seem like elderly loved ones have everything! What do you get someone that has lived through so many decades?

Rather than giving a senior more nick-knacks, we encourage families to give gifts the offer time together, time with others, and reasons to get out of the house!

Gift Cards

The majority of seniors are on a fixed income. Gift cards offer seniors a way to purchase something extra special or enjoy an evening out. Dining or move gift cards create opportunities for seniors to get out of the house! Consider gift cards that offer seniors interaction and a way to do something they usually cannot, such as movie gift cards, gift cards to their favorite restaurants, or a coffee shop gift card.


It is easy for seniors to get stuck staying inside doing that same thing day after day. Give the gift of experience by giving season tickets, a museum membership, or a subscription that creates scenarios for seniors to interact with others.

Time Together

Many seniors spend a lot of time alone. Give the gift of time together by buying joint tickets to a play, sports game, or activity for you both to attend. A gift that includes time with loved ones gives seniors something to look forward to!

Give the most precious gift this holiday season, time!