Engage in meaningful activities this holiday season with older loved ones.

Seniors might be feeling blue during the holidays due to the loss of loved ones or deteriorating health. However, simple family activities can turn a frown upside down! Spending quality time with others boosts overall health and wellbeing.

Too many times, we treat visiting older loved ones like checking something off a to-do list. Slow down and enjoy each others company. Active listening and being present during each activity create a lasting impact for everyone involved. Each activity below is an opportunity to ask your loved one about memories from holidays in their past. For many, it is a chance to learn about parents’ early days and record important family events.

  1. Singing Christmas Songs
  2. Looking at Old Photos
  3. Take A Drive to See Lights
  4. Make a Gingerbread House
  5. Make Popcorn Balls
  6. Go to a Holiday Concert or Ballet
  7. Watch Holiday Movies
  8. FaceTime Family in Different States
  9. Play Card Games
  10. Decorate Cookies

Give your loved one options and see what they might enjoy. Be sure to pace activities so seniors don’t get too fatigued. Many of the activities above can be modified to suit your loved one’s energy level and physical abilities. Make sure your older loved one’s medications are not overlooked and that no holiday event compromises their health.

Consider including grandchildren in holiday activities. Don’t leave children unattended or in a situation that might be overwhelming for a senior. Bonding with grandchildren can lift your aging loved one’s spirit and bring back positive memories of raising their own children.

Age should not prevent the holidays from being exciting. It is never too late to capture the magic of Christmas.