1. “Everything happens for a reason”
  2. “This is God’s plan”
  3. “At least it’s not cancer”
  4. “Think positive thoughts”
  5. “God won’t give you more than you can handle”
  6. “At least your ____ had a long life”
  7. “You look really tired”
  8. “Your _____ WAS a beautiful person”
  9. “You need to make time for yourself”
  10. “Why don’t you get some help”


Things to say instead:

  1. How are you really doing?
  2. When is the best time for us to visit?
  3. Would you like to talk about it?
  4. Here is a gift certificate for ice cream or coffee.
  5. What day works for me to bring over dinner?
  6. I’d like to come over and sit with your loved one while you go out.
  7. Can I help you with the laundry?
  8. How is your loved one doing?
  9. I’m running to the store, can I pick anything up for you?
  10. Thank you.