Thanksgiving Activities For Seniors in 2020

The holidays can leave seniors feeling alone or sad. Social distancing has made personal connections even harder to maintain for many of our elderly. While we hustle around, seniors are dealing with the memories of holidays past with loved ones no longer here. Maintaining connection while ensuring safety during Covid-19 is possible! A little effort [...]

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What To Do When Elderly Parents Need Different Levels of Care

Caregivers of aging parents quickly realize when one parent's needs start to increase. Life balance for the entire group begins to get out of whack. The differences in care and support can cause family caregivers to burn out. For many families, choosing between assisted living, nursing homes, and memory care is daunting. Thankfully, there is [...]

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Ten Fall Activities for Aging Loved Ones

We don't have orange and red leaves falling in Florida, but we are blessed with some of the best weather year-round! Many of the seniors we serve grew up in colder states and miss the changing colors. We want to encourage you to bring fall to Florida this year! Here are ten activities you can [...]

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Cloth Face Coverings: Questions & Answers From The CDC

Why do I need to wear a cloth face covering? In light of new data about how COVID-19 spreads, along with evidence of widespread COVID-19 illness in communities across the country, CDC recommends that people wear a cloth face covering to cover their nose and mouth in the community setting. This is [...]

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How To Stay Strong While Caregiving During Covid19

Staying strong as a caregiver can feel impossible. Whether you are a full time or part time caregiver, the process is both physically and emotionally draining. Practicing social distancing is making it harder for caregivers to bring in outside support from family or friends. We gathered tips from different caregivers and put together the top ten [...]

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Tips for Long-Distance Caregiving

Do you live in a different city or state than a loved one who needs care?  Long-distance caregiving can feel like an uphill battle. Between traveling and changing needs, it can be hard to know if your loved one is receiving the assistance they need. Plus, elderly loved ones aren't always forthright about the care [...]

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Trying to Connect My Daughter to My Late Mother and Grandmother

This is a repost from AARP by Jo Varnish, AARP, January 22, 2020 In my New Jersey basement after a pipe burst, my bare feet submerged, I felt relief. If my treasures were safe, I was, too. Organized collections of my lives so far were stashed neatly in waterproof tote boxes: as a child, as a [...]

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How Seniors Can Thrive in 2020

You don't need resolutions to plan a successful year. Thriving can be as simple as creating a well-balanced lifestyle the incorporates activities to stimulate physical and mental health.  The ten activities below help seniors schedule out activities to stay active and social. If you are a type-a, we encourage you to whip out the calendar [...]

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10 Things to Remember When Visiting Seniors During The Holidays

Are you visiting a senior loved one over Christmas and New Year's Eve? From complicated family dynamics to your loved one's health issues, visiting a senior loved one can be stressful. We put together ten things to remember when visiting an elderly loved one during the holiday season. Depression is common during the holidays Do [...]

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Is It Time For Your Loved One To Stop Driving?

Telling a loved one they should stop driving can be difficult. While today's seniors are keeping their licenses longer, unfortunately, statistics show that fatal crashes increase considerably after age 70 and reach their peak among drivers 85 and older. For many seniors driving serves as a form of independence, and taking away this freedom can [...]

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