Many seniors experience the winter blues. Spring is the perfect time for older adults to get outdoors and brush off feelings of loneliness or depression.

Too often, caregivers can get wrapped up in a routine that doesn’t include an older adult’s mental health. Fresh air, physical activity, and time with others is a great prescription for a boost in serotonin in both patient and caregiver. We put together twenty simple activities caregivers and family members can initiate with seniors in order to promote positive mental health.

  1. Walk, Bike or Visit A Local Park
  2. Eat Outdoors at A Restaurant
  3. Enjoy Tourist Attractions
  4. Go Fishing
  5. Go on A Picnic
  6. Go See an Outdoor Show
  7. Invest in A Birdfeeder
  8. Decorate for Spring or Easter
  9. Cook Spring Recipes
  10. Plan an Outdoor Activity with Friends or Family
  11. Create an Indoor Garden
  12. Try Water Aerobics
  13. Feed Ducks at a Lake
  14. Catch a Sporting Event
  15. Enjoy an Outdoor Picnic
  16. Go for Ice Cream
  17. Play Yard Games
  18. Spring Clean
  19. Visit A Farmers Market
  20. Visit a Museum or Botanical Garden

When going on any exertion with seniors make sure you both have easy access to water, practice sun safety, and ensure no medications are missed. You can help seniors feel included and in control by involving them in planning and inviting others to join.

Keep limitations in mind and plan ahead in order to create a safe and enjoyable journey for all. Planning ahead might be mapping out space, calling to ensure accessibility or double checking for senior discounts. A plan can prevent stressful or even potentially dangerous situations for caregiver, family, and patient.

For seniors with unique limitations, consider bringing spring to them! You can add fresh flowers to the house, encourage indoor gardening, open windows to let in fresh air, or include sitting on the porch to enjoy a beverage as part of your spring routine.

Take advantage of spring weather before it is too hot for seniors to safely enjoy the outdoors.