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4 Tips to Enhance Daily Life for Alzheimer’s Patients

Currently, there are over 5.7 million Americans diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Memory loss and behavioral changes are challenging for the patients and their family. Managing personality and behavioral changes are critical for creating a peaceful environment. Alzheimer’s experience sadness, fear, stress, confusion, anxiety, in addition to side effects of new medications. The tips below help caregivers [...]

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Five Tips for Living with Arthritis

The CDC reports that 23% of all adults, over 54 million people, have arthritis. One in four living with arthritis live with severe joint pain. Arthritis limits many people from working to their best ability, enjoy hobbies, and even performing regular tasks. Nearly 26% of women and 18% of men live with arthritis. Those struggling [...]

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Hip Surgery Dos & Don’ts

There are more than 300,000 hip surgeries each year. Preparation can help set up patients for a successful recovery! Following instructions and protocols will be important after being discharged from the hospital. Patients are usually discharged once they can get out of bed, can walk a short distance, have increased mobility, and have pain under [...]

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How to Support Seniors in 2019

The changes that come with aging require flexibility openness to change, and acceptance of a new way of life. Change is difficult. We encourage families and seniors to take a non-judgmental approach to the natural changes our bodies go through. It is essential that the activities of daily living are met efficiently and safely. Our [...]

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Connect with Seniors After the Holidays

Family members often flood seniors’ homes during the holidays. There is hustle, bustle and reminiscing for a few weeks in December. Unfortunately, once visitors return to their busy schedules or fly off to their homes, seniors are left feeling lonely. November through January can be a tough time for older adults. An empty home after [...]

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New Year Home Safety Evaluation

The new year is the perfect time to evaluate whether your aging loved's home is safe! Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans. Falls can result in injury and even death! Many falls can be prevented by ensuring a senior's living conditions are equipped for their evolving needs. [...]

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10 Christmas Activities to do with Seniors

Engage in meaningful activities this holiday season with older loved ones. Seniors might be feeling blue during the holidays due to the loss of loved ones or deteriorating health. However, simple family activities can turn a frown upside down! Spending quality time with others boosts overall health and wellbeing. Too many times, we treat visiting [...]

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3 Things to Do While Visiting Older Parents

Visiting parents for the holidays is a great way to assess how they are really doing. Remember, it is their home! Do your best to tactfully evaluate their needs. We’ve put a few lists together to help you gauge their independence, home safety, and plans for the future. Too often well-meaning adult children attempt to force change. [...]

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Supporting Seniors During the Holidays

Many caregivers realize that aging loved ones need more support during the holidays. Support can be practical, emotional, or physical. The holidays can feel bittersweet for many older adults. Seniors might feel isolated and alone, which may amplify feelings of loss, deteriorating health or changes in their environment. While there may be practical ways you [...]

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Tips for Traveling with Seniors

Airport travel is stressful for everyone, let alone seniors. Thankfully, the Federal Aviation Administration has taken steps to ease the burden of senior travelers especially for those with disabilities. Traveling should be a rewarding experience that reunites loved ones and old friends, rather than a nuisance. We’ve put together a few simple tips that make [...]

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