Beat the heat and stay active this summer with our short list of simple indoor and outdoor activities. Reconnecting with hobbies and creating new routines are sure ways to increase overall health and happiness.

It is easy for seniors to get into a rut and stay indoors. Take advantage of cool mornings, free local activities, and reasons to bring family together! Physical activity boosts endorphins to help create more good days.

  1. Swimming with adaptive tools for exercise
  2. Tend to indoor or outdoor garden using adaptive tools
  3. Visit local farmer’s market each week
  4. Watch an outdoor movie in a local park
  5. Go berry picking at local farm
  6. Enjoy a weekly picnic with family
  7. Create a book club with family or friends
  8. Take a cooking class
  9. Sit at a local park and paint the scenery
  10. Visit local museums every other week

Be sure to practice sun safety for all outdoor activities. Seniors are prone to dehydration and heat stroke. Activities can be modified with adaptive tools in order for seniors with limitations to enjoy hobbies.

Caregivers should be prepared for outdoor activities by knowing layout of location, ensuring wheelchair accessibility, and prepping meds. Preparation makes outings easier for both caregiver and patient.

Make this summer fun and filled with laughter!