Hobbies are often lost later in life due to physical limitations and health issues. However, it is the best season of life to enjoy activities that create a sense of calm, happiness and fulfillment.

Hobby gifts could be airplane model sets, painting tools for those with arthritis or gardening tools for those that can’t bend over. Consider asking your aging loved-one about activities they enjoyed during the good old days. You might learn something new about your dad and it may spark ideas for a sentimental gift that makes him feel heard.

Hobbies can help your aging loved one get out of a rut and back into activities that benefit overall mental health. Seniors often believe they are unable to enjoy activities from their past due to current limitations. By gifting a senior with hobby related items, that have his physical limitations in mind, you can ignite emotions have not been felt in years.

Gifts for the Reader

  • Limited subscription to a popular magazine.
    • Amazon.com makes it easy to get a magazine subscription for a loved one.
  • Full Page Magnifier with Light
    • This assistive device can help seniors enjoy books that are already on their shelf or something new from the bookstore.

Entertainment Related Gifts

  • Museum Membership
    • If your dad enjoyed the museum when he was younger, this gift will encourage them to attend each new exhibit!
  • Movie Theater Monthly Pass
    • If your dad is a movie buff, this is a gift you can enjoy together!
  • Apple TV
    • This user-friendly device allows your dad to purchase movies and TV shows he enjoyed from his past. iTunes has a huge selection of movies to choose from.

Gifts of the Gardener

  • Ergonomic Trowel 
    • A trowel is a tool that is used a lot in the garden. The ergonomic trowel is easier to hold for those with arthritis.
  • Cobrahead Weeding Tool
    • Many gardeners like to get their hands dirty, but can no longer kneel. This tool makes weeding easy.

Remember to consider your loved one’s limitations when searching for hobby-related gifts. There are many senior-friendly options that can help your loved one rekindle their love for a hobby. Sentimental gifts that show you value what your loved one has to say can bring you closer together.

Hobby-related gifts will ensure your loved one is blessed not only on Father’s Day but for months to come.