The holidays can leave seniors feeling alone or sad. Social distancing has made personal connections even harder to maintain for many of our elderly.

While we hustle around, seniors are dealing with the memories of holidays past with loved ones no longer here.

Maintaining connection while ensuring safety during Covid-19 is possible! A little effort and intentional actions can ensure your loved one gets the personal connection they crave.  

Below is a list of activities that encourage bonding.

If you live with your loved one:

  • Ask Them To Help You Cook
  • Bring Out The Photo Albums
  • Watch Family Videos
  • Take New Family Photos
  • Watch The Football Game
  • Play Cards
  • Make Thanksgiving Themed Crafts
  • Introduce Helpful or New Technology
  • Make Christmas Wishlists with Grandkids or Great-Grandkids
  • Listen to Music They Enjoy

If you cannot physically be with your loved one:

  • Call & Ask About Old Family Recipes
  • Talk About & Write Down Family History
  • Ask About A Time In Their Life You Don’t Know About
  • Group Video Chat Family Members
  • Video Chat While Preparing A Meal
  • Leave a Thanksgiving Meal at Their Door
  • Have a Meal or Special Items Delivered

Connecting deeply benefits everyone involved. Make this holiday count and take time to make new special memories with your loved one. 

Every family has different dynamics and struggles. Pick activities that create connection, peace, and keep idle hands busy. Planned activities can be a great way to keep everyone in a positive mood. 

Don’t forget, aging loved ones may need time for rest during Thanksgiving day when there may be guests or lots of action around the house. One of the activities on your list can be a couple of hours where your aging loved one naps and everyone else clears out of the house for a short while. Naptime can be an excellent opportunity for caregivers to regroup and keep everyone at peace.

The holidays are also a great time to assess whether your aging loved one needs help around their home or with basic hygiene. If you wonder if it may be time for home care for a loved one, give us a call!