Technology is making it easier to track health and wellbeing with wearable tech!

Wearable tech can be a game changer for seniors managing health issues or family caregivers wanting to ensure their loved one is keeping up with their health. Wearable tech can monitor blood pressure, heart health, posture, and soon even hydration! Some seniors may not be interested in these items because the technology seems foreign or confusing. However, keeping up with technology is a positive way for senior to feel in control and stay connected with the present.

Below we list wearable tech by category and include link to the product on Amazon so you can read reviews and decide if the item is right for you or a loved one.

We encourage families to incorporate tools that make managing health easier. Whether your a family caregiver with home care support or not, wearable tech gets you one step closer to managing patient needs with ease.

Blood Pressure & Heart Health

One in every three adult Americans has high blood pressure and only HALF have it under control. High blood pressure puts you at risk for heart disease, heart attack, and stroke.

Wearable tech can make managing high blood pressure easier to manage.

Heart Health

  • Apple Watch Series 4 | Amazon | $499
  • The AliveCor KardiaMobile | Amazon | $149

Blood Pressure


Muscle can weaken with age leading to poor posture. Many seniors sit too much and develop worse posture over time. Slouching and sitting are cited by medical professionals as the cause of a host of negative health effects. Bad posture can cause neck, back, and hip pain.


Sixty is a new brand that is developing a wrist band that tracks hydration! Staying hydrated can be a challenge for seniors as taste bud sensitivity declines. This wearable tech could be a game changer in preventing kidney damage and dehydration. Sixty says, “Water helps you in terms of your performance, your physical as well as cognitive performance”.