Falls are the leading cause of death, injury, and hospital admissions among the elderly.

The CDC reports that one out of every four Americans aged 65 and older falls annually. Of the 36 million falls that happen annually in this age group, more than 8 million result in a broken hip or head trauma.

Seniors are at risk for falls due to declines in physical health, impaired vision, medication side effects, chronic diseases, surgical procedures, environmental hazards, and even behavioral hazards.

Falls rarely occur for one reason and are often the result of a few of the above causes. Combined fall factors increase the chances of life-threatening injuries. Fear of falling can keep the elderly from maintaining proper hygiene, keep them from venturing out, and ultimately impact their quality of life.

To keep your loved ones healthy, improve their home safety to prevent falls!

Home Safety Checklist:


  • Is the path from the bedroom to the bathroom well-lit?
  • Are there grab bars near the toilet, shower, and bathtub?
  • Is there a seat in the shower?
  • Do bathmats have slip-resistant backing?
  • Do you remove soap buildup in the shower/bathtub to avoid slipping?
  • Can you reach soap in the shower without bending down or turning around?
  • Do you have a raised toilet seat if you have difficulty standing up and sitting down?
  • Are spills cleaned up immediately?


  • Is there a table close to the bed with a lamp, room for eyeglasses and a phone?
  • Are cords pushed back against the wall?
  • Is there clutter on the floor?
  • Do you have a motion sensor nightlight?


  • Are throw rugs and floor mats secure?
  • Can you get to regularly used items without bending down or reaching up too far?
  • Are spills cleaned up immediately?
  • Is food prepared at the kitchen table?

Living Areas

  • Are floor coverings secure and sturdy?
  • Can you answer the phone without getting up?
  • Are cords pushed back against the wall?
  • Can you turn on a light without walking into a dark room?
  • Do you have a step stool with side rails, sturdy and in good condition?
  • Do you have a cordless or cellular phone or an emergency alarm device?
  • Is your floor free of clutter?
  • Is it easy to walk around furniture?
  • Can you pull cords to lights or ceiling fans without reaching up?
  • Are there handrails on both sides of the stairways?
  • Are the steps on your stairways even and safe?
  • Are there lights at the top and bottom of the stairs?


  • Is the path from the house to the garage well-lit?
  • Are there cracks or buckles on the sidewalks or driveway?
  • Are there hoses, weeds, or other obstacles on the walkway?
  • Are there icy steps or walkways?